Yes! Yes! Yes!

A log of my favorites – and yours.  Please share with me.  I need ideas and diversions.

Think food, wine, books, music, food, recipes, running routes, food, etc…


9 Responses to “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

  1. 1 Melissa

    books: The Bronze Horseman trilogy, but be forewarned – #3 is not out yet. You’ll most likely have to order it from your local bookstore or Amazon. HIGHLY recommend.

    Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley, OR.

    Rainy Sundays w/ slow cooked meals filling up the house w/ yummy smells – minestrone w/ fresh pesto & cheesy bread, pot roast w/ mashed potatoes, chile verde.

    Ditto on the fresh coffee before sunrise w/ little girls slumbering away.

    Fresh hot California bread with butter and maldon salt.

  2. a fresh coffee pot before sunrise. a house full of sleeping children. the recliner by the window. these are a few of my favorite things…

  3. 3 Lauri

    Brasserie + Dirty Martini + Icky Pop (Annie’s words for drinks only Mommy and Daddy can have) + Good Girls = My Favorite Thing

  4. Oven roasted chicken, potatoes, onions and mushrooms served with a side of green beans. Delicious.

  5. 5 Michelle

    Boca Bay Organic Green Salad…especially a favorite now since it’s at risk of being removed from their new menu. Yikes!

  6. 6 Lauri

    I have some favorite CD’s that I regularly put on when I need some perspective…and some momentum to finish the laundry.

    Counting Crows – August and Everything After
    Indigo Girls – I usually just hit replay on Closer to Fine but listened to the whole thing today
    BonJovi – Greatest Hits….enough said
    Dean Martin – Greatest Hits – Cleve adores Dean-o and it makes me laugh thinking about him when I listen to it. If Cleve could travel in time, I am certain he would choose to be in the Rat Pack smoking cigars, drinking scotch, and entertaining dames.
    Bodeans – they are a midwest/Wisconsin band that I adore.

    Peace –

  7. Hot chocolate with whip cream. Definitely on the list for tonight!

  8. 9 Lisa Pagano

    Favorites – there is nothing better than a fabulous glass of red wine…. especially for short italians because it makes them feel taller.

    Here is another idea for favorites… how about favorite moments/memories in your life. I feel blessed to have many memorable moments that stand out but I’ll give you two as an example that links directly to you. My memory of standing at the podium at your wedding about to begin my reading and looking over at you and Trev…. that moment can only be defined as true friendship and family.

    Another moment that was memorable/surreal…. staying with my grandmother that one night at the hospital during our senior year, reading to her from her favorite book of poetry and believing that she could hear me.

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