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I wore a ten-year old top to a fundraiser last weekend.  This shirt, with geometric black and white strips, belled sleeves and a cowl neckline I wore to a roommate’s wedding ten years ago.  I bought it new and spent too much money because I wanted to be the hip mom.    Now, it’s come back […]

Confession: I am a sun girl.  I can’t get enough of it. Confession: I went to tanning beds in college.  In the winter I’d make my appointments early in the morning and drive my roommate’s car so I wouldn’t have to trudge through the dark (5:00 a.m.) and snow (Oxford, OH).  I craved the heat, […]

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver In honor of the day, the people, the decade – let’s all ask this question of ourselves. Those who sacrificed their lives, their health, their families did so that the rest of us could live fully, exuberantly, […]

Four years ago we installed the first lock on the closet door.  It was a small hook and eye, placed about four feet off the ground.  It wasn’t meant to “lock” them out completely, we just wanted to make it harder for them to get inside. You see – the “costume” (read: clothing) changes were […]

I am leaving in five minutes for BlogHer ’11. I will be among 3000 women (and a few men from what I gather) for the next two days immersed in social media, blogging, social media, networking, social media and world peace. I cannot wait to go, to learn, to share. And, let’s be honest, I […]

I am attending my first “blogging” conference in less than two weeks and can promise you that I have a great deal planned in the upcoming months (new revelations, interviews, inspiration and new design – hint, hint). However, Monday was the first day of summer in our house and I’ve been forced into a writing […]

Today was the day before the last day.  Tomorrow is the end of the school year. Tomorrow afternoon I will have three kids in elementary school. Three. Eight weeks from now I’ll be gearing up for the beginning of the new school year. Fifth grade?  Second grade? Kindergarten?  Bring it.  I love beginnings. Preschool ending? […]

the footlocker


A year ago I was living in North Carolina, waiting for my husband to come home from a deployment and planning a cross-country move.  He’s home.  We’ve moved.  We’re planning our summer and projecting into our future.  Yet, over the past year, so many of our friends’ relationships have ended.  I find myself stuck between […]



I believe in role models.  As the oldest of four girls, the notion of role-modeling has been emblazoned on me since I was, well – since forever.  I’ve tried to live up to the expectations that were put out there and, along the way, I cultivated expectations of my own.  I am certain my sisters […]

I’m going to go ahead and say it because there is no sense in dragging this out… How about a little respect dude? I spent the morning chaperoning a group of lively first graders.  Fun, right? (Umm, sometimes.) My daughter was delighted and I was, well, a bit taken aback.  The field trip itself was […]