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I’m going to go ahead and say it because there is no sense in dragging this out… How about a little respect dude? I spent the morning chaperoning a group of lively first graders.  Fun, right? (Umm, sometimes.) My daughter was delighted and I was, well, a bit taken aback.  The field trip itself was […]

My oldest daughter, sweet, darling 10-year-old that she is (God help me), suffers from chronic sinus issues and has battled the past two weeks with the last round.  It’s been a struggle to get her to throw her tissues in the trash, take her sinus meds, her nose spray, her vitamins.  She’s ten, the age […]

It’s May Gray here in southern California.  Apparently that means that I need to prepare for gloomy, chilly days and accompanying mood swings.  Residents here drink a lot of coffee, turn on their heaters and wear layers.  While the rest of the country is welcoming spring, southern Californians are fighting the blues.  Rumor is that […]

Modern Family.  I watch it in tears, laughing until my sides aches, shaking my head at the way so much familiarity is put concisely into 22 minutes of what ends up feeling like a core workout.  This past week, Claire confessed, OUT LOUD, that not only did she harbor occasional thoughts of wanting to punch […]

like now


I run.  I use the time to think. I plan my days: my grocery list, my to-do list, my “finish by the end of the week” list.  I anticipate my girl’s moods afterschool, my husband’s call to tell me that his schedule changed, the coffee date I set with a friend.  As I run, I […]