So many things to say and yet, on this last day of 2010, I feel compelled to only reflect on you.  I could write about the insanity of moving across the country the week before Christmas.  But why? Close your eyes and imagine it.  It needs no words.  I could try to sum up 2010 in some neat little anecdote that may make you laugh.  But why?  You lived the year too – laugh at yourself.  What I need to say is that I am proud of us.  We survived.  You.  Me.  We did it.

Our fathers were diagnosed with cancer.  Our mothers survived cancer.  Our sisters passed away.  We had babies.

We fell out of love with our husbands.  Our husbands fell out of love with us.  We left.  They left.  We fell in love.

We lost our jobs.  We quit our jobs.   We found better jobs.

Our houses sold and didn’t sell.  We moved in with our parents, our sisters, our friends.  Our best friend moved.  We went to the beach.  We found happiness.

Our businesses were destroyed.  Our patience tested.  Our hearts were medicated.  Our nerves were medicated.  We crossed finish lines in races we thought we’d never run.

Our families crumbled.  Our families reunited.  Our siblings had babies. Our children ate their vegetables.  We celebrated with cake.

We cried together.  Ate together.  Drank together.  We wished on feathers.

And, tonight, it ends; the chaos, the joy and the heartache of the year come to a screeching halt and we celebrate with champagne and fireworks.  We go to bed eager to wake up in a new year (and hopeful that the Motrin won’t be too far from our nightstand).

Tonight I am making one resolution.  Just one.

I am going to listen more.

Here’s why:  I hope that I will hear what others need and act accordingly. I am banking on slowing down, thinking more, processing more.   I’ll hear more of my heart – write more, read more, cook more, run more.   I think it may afford me an opportunity to better myself; to work on my relationships, to develop new friendships; to find a meaningful job and to parent wisely.

It means that when you call me to share your good news, your bad news, your unbelievable news – I am listening.  When you decide to be brave, when you do the extraordinary – I am listening.  Whether your heart is breaking or bursting – I hear you.

I hope that the New Year brings you peace. I hope that you find answers to your questions, clarity in your beliefs.  I hope that your heart heals and that you find love, with someone else and with yourself.  I wish for you to be visited by the organization fairy, the sleep fairy, and the home-cooked meal fairy.  I hope that your job makes you happy, that your children behave, that your coffee is hot.

And know that regardless of the time and space between us, you will continue to inspire me.

I thank you.  I love you.

Are you listening?


3 Responses to “cheers”

  1. 1 Lauri

    I am listening….keep talking in between the listening. Please.

  2. 2 Amy Messier

    You inspire me!

  3. 3 Mary Ann

    I am listening, Amy…Much love to all & Happy New Year.

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