the obvious


I don’t have a lot of time.

To be honest, I have none.  No time to think, write, be creative.  No time to lay around and ponder my world.  Maybe it is a good thing – with all that is going on, maybe I am fortunate to have run out of minutes in the day.

But, I miss this.

So, I encouraged a friend to write the other day.  For herself and for me.  I thought her day needed to be documented and knew that I may be inspired by another’s voice.  It has dawned on me since that sharing this space is brilliant.

I love to share:  my time, my thoughts, my home, my kids, my car, my feelings, my wine, my vodka, my workouts, my food, my fears, my hopes.  I share my good and my bad – there is hardly a side of me that is a secret.   It makes me open and vulnerable, accessible and susceptible.

I’d like to share this too. My words are hampered and stifled for a multitude of reasons but yours may not be.  If you want to write, create, comment on life or ask questions to the universe at any time, please do.

I will read it.  Publish it.  Love it.

Inspire me.


One Response to “the obvious”

  1. 1 Lauri

    Thanks for letting me be first, I am looking forward to others.

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