it’ll grow back, right? *


This was written by my friend Lauri: mom of 4, caretaker of all others, one of the few people I know who has an unending supply of patience for the 10 and under crowd.

If you didn’t already know this, I am very often inspired by the people around me.  My sister inspired me to make my own guacamole for the first time.  Brothers and Sisters’ Kitty inspires me through her ability to handle her father’s sudden death, husband’s untimely heart attack, infertility, cancer, and now political sabotage.  Neighbors inspired me to run a 5K which I never even considered.  In the spirit of all things that have inspired me, another happened today.  Today, in the midst of a rite of passage in our house, I was inspired by a friend who insisted I write about it.

My 2-year-old baby girl had a rite of passage today.  She is younger than any of my other children when it happened, but it was her time.  Is she potty trained?  No.  Did she get stitches?  No.  Did she realize I am actually not the most perfect being on earth?  No, not yet.

Today was a day like any other.  In-laws left for home in the morning and the laundry that had piled up during their visit needed to be done.  Camping gear from the weekend needed to be put away for next year.  Emails to be returned, witty comments on Facebook to be read.  I recruited a friend’s little girl to help entertain my littlest girl while I crossed things off my to-do list.

Annie got her first haircut today.  It was upstairs at the eager hands of her 4-year-old lusciously haired friend as I left them unattended while fixing their lunches.  The girls emerged downstairs for nuggets and berries when I noticed something wet on Annie’s hair…was it water?  Was it hairspray left by Grandma Kathy in the guest bath?   The smell was familiar, but what was it?  Glue.  Elmer’s Glue.  In case Annie didn’t like her haircut, the girls tried to glue it back on.  Haircut.  Glue.  Haircut.  While sudsing the girls up in the bath, I saw the signs of the haircut and kept thinking it wasn’t so bad.

When I left the girls upstairs, I made sure they knew to stay away from the hamsters cage.   I never told Annie’s friend to not use scissors and cut Annie’s hair that I had just recently been able to pull into pigtails, did I?   You live, you learn.  I chose to take some inspiration from Annie whom kept reliving her experience for each of her siblings when they saw her, and she could not be happier with her new “do”.  In fact, she sought out and brought the locks of hair to me just a little while ago in case I had not realized just how much had been cut.

While a first hangover, the start of college, a bat Mitzvah, or getting a tattoo may be bigger in scope, some rites of passage aren’t even enjoyed by the person doing the passage-ing.   This Rite of Passage is a sign that Annie is growing up, and she will soon have the stylish pixie cut to prove it.


One Response to “it’ll grow back, right? *”

  1. 1 Lynne Sanderson

    Elmer’s glue …. now that is pure genius!! I am so impressed. And yes the hair does grow back! I remember my one and only “pixie” cut… and I can now proudly say that my ears now fit my head …. more better!!! Treasure the moments …

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