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guest room


So, if you haven’t heard… We’re moving. In six months we will be leaving our home of the past decade and seeking out a new home, a new neighborhood, a new beginning.  The five of us will be traveling into new territory and testing our ability to trust and depend on one another.  Good news? […]

the footlocker


Trevor’s footlocker is home. This may seem insignificant, but it marks the beginning of the end for me.  The footlocker is a sign of an impending finish.  The idea that Trevor is packing up the things he no longer needs and sending them home is hopeful.  I hope for no extensions.  I hope I will […]

This was written by my friend Lauri: mom of 4, caretaker of all others, one of the few people I know who has an unending supply of patience for the 10 and under crowd. If you didn’t already know this, I am very often inspired by the people around me.  My sister inspired me to […]

the obvious


I don’t have a lot of time. To be honest, I have none.  No time to think, write, be creative.  No time to lay around and ponder my world.  Maybe it is a good thing – with all that is going on, maybe I am fortunate to have run out of minutes in the day. […]