to lolly


I am embracing my inner princess.  Or rather, my princess queen.  Which, I learned recently is the “mommy who tells everyone what to do and how to clean up.”  It is amazing the insight that a four-year old brings to your life.  Especially when the four-year old is not yours.

So, in the days since, while I have laughed about this exchange, I have also defined the princess queen from the vantage point of an almost 35-year-old (well, not almost, but I know it makes some of you feel better to think that).

Read carefully.  Consider whether you, too, are a princess queen.

To be a princess queen you must:

1)   Be capable of recognizing your own needs for organization and cleanliness.  This necessity will vary from castle to castle as each princess queen is her own domestic goddess; ruler of her domain.  You must be able to then ask, direct, plead or demand for others (under the age of 10) to adhere to your law by fulfilling their duties as loyal subjects.  It may end up sounding something like, “CLEAN UP YOUR MESS BEFORE I TAKE CARE OF IT MY WAY AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!”, and that’s ok.  You are a princess queen.  They will forgive you.

2)   Be ready to distribute rewards to your loyal subjects.  The under ten crowd will regard the rewards with awe and stunned amazement.  There is, quite literally, nothing they will not do to earn a prize from their most beautiful princess queen.  Your power over them is reinforced every time you pass out a tidbit of kindness with a smile.  Add a kiss, and their allegiance to you will never waiver.

3)   Be armed at all times.  Your wily subjects will test you.  They will try to sneak away unnoticed.  They will hope that their laziness and non-compliance go  unobserved.  Princess queens know everything.  See everything.  Hear everything.  Remind castle inhabitants of your law;  they need frequent reinforcement if you expect them to abide by your command.  Demand it.  Even in the face of doubt, when the fight doesn’t seem worth fighting, do not give up.  Your loyal followers will not respect weakness.  Use your power; be a ruler they revere.

4)   Know that your subjects will revolt and rebel at the age of ten.  Your power over them will be short-lived, which is why you need embrace it right away.  Do not feel guilty for your reign.  Upon entering the world of double digits, it is normal and expected for all to want designation as a princess queen themselves.  They will fight for it and you will fight against it.  Battle lines will be drawn.  And you will struggle for authority in your dominion.  But, my fellow princess queens, stay the course.  For our subjects will acquire their own land, their own castles, their own people.  They will ascend in power; they will rule.

5)   Embrace the princess and the queen simultaneously.  Know that you are beautiful and admired by some.  Feared and questioned by others.  You are unknowing and vulnerable.  You are wise and hardened.  You are searching for your dream.  You are satisfied with what you’ve found.  You believe in the fairy tale.  You are the fairy tale.  You can’t remember what the fairy tale was.

You are a princess.  You are a queen.

And, someday (today perhaps?) someone will see you as both.


3 Responses to “to lolly”

  1. 1 Michelle

    When are you going to start writing your book?

  2. 2 Beth

    I am a princess queen!

  3. 3 Lynne Sanderson

    Again Amy you start my day with another smile. Your princess’s are priceless. I was known as General Mom to my army of 1 … same principals apply. And I am happy to say … I’m just Mom again 🙂

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