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Nothing fulfills your sense of self-accomplishment like flying with three kids. As you know, (or maybe you don’t, in which case you haven’t been paying attention) I took the girls to New York City this past weekend for spring break.   It also  coincided with Fia’s 6th birthday and she wanted to go to the American […]

miss me?


Taking a writing hiatus while playing tourist in NYC. Lots of fun stories to come. Hang in there. . .

I spent a blissful evening alone, preparing for the early morning race that I had looked forward to for months.  I laid out my clothes, set the coffee machine, planned breakfast and went to bed.  At ten.  Which as many of you know, is unheard of for me. My slumber was interrupted by a ringing […]

Our moments of clarity always come when least expected.  So, as I was treating myself to the most feminine of luxuries, the eyebrow wax, I was taken aback by the conversation surrounding me.  I was a part of it; yet, I felt that I was listening to it from afar.  The truth of it silenced […]

trouble is


that we are all just trying to figure this human thing out – stay tuned…

I hate bedtime. You don’t.  I know.  You have children that tiptoe off to their rooms, put on their pajamas and kiss you goodnight the moment you quietly suggest that it is time for bed.  I hate you. Or, you don’t have children and when you want to go to bed, you wrap yourself between […]

the mama


It happens every once in a while.  You dream of the moment when you get to be a hero.   You see yourself running out the door or jumping out of your car to rescue some lost, injured, more pathetic than you, soul.  You long for the gratitude that will accompany your selfless act (you do; […]

There have been many inquiries (because I have SO many followers) about emotion less. Let me clear a few things up: 1) I am not pregnant. 2) Trevor does read these. I am looking into the best way to post some of his responses because he does not have access to the blog. 3) Yeah, […]

emotion less


The idea of being emotionless was proposed to me a few weeks ago.  Emotionless?  Talk about void, empty and boring.  Who would want that? However, this week brought me back to considering what would happen were we to wake up in a life that was without emotion.  Would we consider ourselves lucky to live in […]

to lolly


I am embracing my inner princess.  Or rather, my princess queen.  Which, I learned recently is the “mommy who tells everyone what to do and how to clean up.”  It is amazing the insight that a four-year old brings to your life.  Especially when the four-year old is not yours. So, in the days since, […]