defying the weather


Today, I was a victim of the wind.

I planned to run, but recoiled from the gusts and sheer bitterness of the weather.  I have always considered myself one to suck it up and push through the extremes.  But, today, I went to the gym.

In all fairness, I walked there.  I dropped off the car for service and hauled myself through two parking lots, one busy interchange, and numb teeth brought on by the blustery weather, to get on a treadmill.

I hate the treadmill.  I hate the wind.  I hate feeling so defeated.

Then, my day started to turn.  I talked myself through an extra mile.  The dealership finished on time (when does that happen?)  Evie took a nap.  Abigail and Fia finished their homework.  We got through gymnastics with no tears.  I remembered to feed the animals dinner by 6:00.  We had dinner with friends and I got out of kitchen duty.

I was feeling nearly giddy.  Even the walk home felt good, despite the frigid temperatures induced by the high winds.  But, the feeling was rather short-lived.  Evie asked me, while perched on the toilet, why they had to be stuck with me?  Stuck with me.  Stuck.  With.  Me.

Please note Evie: I am feeling a bit stuck myself.  (Wait, can I say that?)

So, tomorrow I am back to sucking it up.  Running in the wind.  Pushing through extremes.

My guess is that if I am windblown, I won’t be stuck.  I won’t feel defeated.

Just cold.


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