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growth spurt


I found myself exhausted this morning after being up for thirty minutes.  I had my coffee.  I had French toast on the griddle.  I had four happy kids playing upstairs (for those of you that are counting, yes, that’s one extra-).  The laundry was moving.  The dishwasher was unloaded.  I was getting ready to mop […]

damn animals


There are many, many, reasons that we value the friends in our lives.  We know that we exist with them, for them, because of them, maybe in spite of them.  We look forward to our reunions, however brief they may be.  We share with them small pieces of our days and sooner than later we […]

rule breaker


Running rule #1: Alone can be good.  Alone can be better.  And when it comes to running, alone can be soulful and healing. A brilliant guy I know (who also happens to be a phenomenal, natural-born, never have to work at it runner) told me that years ago.   I hate this rule.  I want to […]

the list


I realized today that I have great kids. And yes, I’ve known this for some time, but I’ve taken it for granted.  I’ve focused on the icky stuff – the back talk, the mess, the insatiable hunger (even at four in the morning), the tired nights, the never-ending laundry, the tantrums, the blah, blah, blah… […]



I raced to a hot yoga class tonight to find solace.  Peace.  Tranquility. I planned the sitter, made a treaty with my guilty conscience and walked out the door, leaving my kids behind without a second look. Wait, wait . . . that was only what I wanted to happen. What actually happened was that […]



Those who know me know that I love a microphone.  I love the projected voice, the captivated audience, the active, unplanned commentary.   I love that the things I think about privately tumble out so much easier when others are listening.   So, today, on Valentine’s Day, I am taking advantage of the audience.  Excuse the […]

bed buddy


I have taken a bed buddy. Every night while I do the myriad of “must’s” before climbing into bed, I pop my buddy into the microwave.  When I finally crawl into bed, alone, I have this wonderfully warm pillow to snuggle with while dreaming. It doesn’t beat a warm body, but I must say, on […]

Today, I was a victim of the wind. I planned to run, but recoiled from the gusts and sheer bitterness of the weather.  I have always considered myself one to suck it up and push through the extremes.  But, today, I went to the gym. In all fairness, I walked there.  I dropped off the […]

to begin . . .


The beginning of anything is always scary.  Change is enticing but also a bit alarming  – we do not know what the path will be, what the answers are, if it is right for us. Maybe this is why I have taken almost a month to begin writing.  I have entered these thoughts, these blogs, […]